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Precious – Toolangi Sculpture Trail


To coincide with the 20th anniversary of the first Toolangi Sculpture Trail, Ali was selected as one of 12 sculptors to participate in an artists residency in Toolangi Victoria, Australia. The artists spent 14 days living and working together in the Toolangi State Forest, to produce new sculptures for the Toolangi Sculpture Trail. Made predominately from materials found in the surrounding bush, the sculptures now reside,and are on show, until they are overtaken by nature.

‘Precious’ is Ali’s response to the Toolangi Forest and wider environmental issues.

Seemingly worthless, burnt logs, placed in a simple structure will protect us from the elements, whilst a golden glow from within evokes wonderment, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. The sculpture holds within its octagonal shape the ultimate balance between material and invisible forces, and the infinite.
The smell of fire residue permiates the space; triggering conflicting memories of winter home fires, and summer bushfire season.
Precious 24ct gold leaf reflects light from the darkness; in stark contrast to the carbon black of the burnt logs, and focuses the mind on the precious nature of what surrounds us, and is in jeopardy.
If we destroy our environment, our home, we will be void of protection and wonder… 
Asking the question, ‘what needs to happen for us to value what we already have’, the work aims to alert us to the value of the environment that surrounds us.
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Take Note

Take Note 2

Take note.
Made from paper, barbed wire and memories, ‘Take Note’ is a series of nest like sculptures using memories of objects that no longer exist.

As a response to the loss of the family home of Black Saturday, Ali manically wrote down memories attached to objects lost. This seemed like a good way to preserve those memories, as the objects that were lost can no longer be be the catalyst to ‘remember’.

Take Note 3  Take Note 1

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Memories of Childhood – Yarra Valley Open Studios 2012

‘Memories of childhood’ is a wire armature on which passersby are asked to write a childhood memory on a tag and tie it to the bear.
When complete the tags make up the fabric of the bear, just as memories make us who we are.

Rolled out at the 2012 Yarra Valley Open Studios, it sparked conversation amongst visitors as they left the studio, (usually with smiles on their faces,) as they had recalled a childhood memory. They then proceeded to tell their partner, friend the memory. It was a lovely exchange to watch.

In a shopping environment, this action and interaction is a gentle reminder to consumers of what is important in life. This is part of the ‘Life Not Stuff/accumulation of stuff’ series that has informed Ali’s artwork since the ‘Black Saturday’ bush fires of 2009.

Memory bear

Bear4 Bear3Bear2 Memory bear 1


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Yarra Ranges Black Saturday Bush fire Memorial Sculpture

YG Black Saturday memorial sculpture


Maquette for Yarra Ranges Black Saturday Bush Fire Memorial for McKenzie Reserve, Yarra Glen.

Brief: to create a Bush fire Memorial for Yarra Ranges.
It aimed to provide a reflective place for the community who experienced the day and its aftermath and future generations and visitors.


A place of transformation… a 4.5 metre cocoon shape, made from ribbons of steel. Each ribbon would have memories etched onto it. Crystals represent lives lost. The community would have the opportunity to place a burnt object inside. Pieces of molten glass represent each Emergency services groups.


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Healesville Black Saturday Memorial Seat

‘Surrounded’ – Healesville Memorial Seat

Healesville Black Saturday memorial seat 2

Produced 2014

Commissioned by Yarra Ranges Council to create a Memorial seat in Queen’s Park, Healesville as a place of reflection in response to the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires. It aimed to provide a place of reflection for the community to acknowledge the trauma of a town surrounded by fire.

A 3.5 metre semi-circular seating area, made from gold plated metal. Words direct from the community reflected sentiments of an emotional and traumatic time, are laser cut through the seat. The cut out words produce shadows on the ground, which dance with the dappled sunlight through the trees in this beautiful park.


The seat was made from steel, and included community’s responses to the statements ‘I will always remember’, and ‘I never want to forget’. Completed November, 2013.

Short shadow film of Healesville bushfire Memorial Seat

 1st concept for seat – Mail Newspaper article Dec 2013


IMG_4252 IMG_0068 Seat small IMG_4824

   The making of Healesville bushfire memorial seat


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Passionate about sculpture, Ali has been involved in several public sculpture projects.
Her most recent work ‘Precious’ is now part of the Toolangi Sculpture Trail. She has been a finalist in the Yering Sculpture prize, the Senini Art Prize for sculpture, the Burinja Climate Change Biennale and the Toolangi Sculpture Trail to name a few.
Her work also includes smaller sculpture, interactive works and assemblage.

SAFE – Community Spirit exhibition, 2018
Decommissioned Fire Hose, gold leaf, clamps.




Cherish Precious Treasure – Senini Art Prize, McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery, 2017
Plastic Bags, gold leaf, charcoal.




Precious – The Memo Gallery 2107
Resin, gold leaf.


Precious. Toolangi Sculpture Trail, 2016.
Toolangi Sculpture Trail, 2016.
YG Black Saturday memorial sculpture
Maquette made for the Yarra Ranges Bushfire Memorial project.
Healesville Black Saturday memorial seat 2
‘Surrounded’ Healesville Black Saturday Memorial Seat
2009 Black Saturday Bushfires.
6-Still vulnerable
Still Vulnerable. Finalist – Yering Sculpture Show, 2015.


Yering Show 2013 domes pond 1
Yering Sculpture Show 2013
‘Triple Bottom Line’ – finalist – Yering Sculpture Show November 2013.
Still Time
Still Time
Still exhibition. The Memo 2015
Out of their depth
Out of Their depth – RACV Club 2013 Snow domes and burnt logs.


Still a life cage zoo small
Still a Life? Toorak Village Sculpture Show 2015.
Still Hope – Butterfly Dome, birch, butterfly, insect, glass, tapestry, mirror & Hope $345
Still Hope – Butterfly
Still exhibition 2015.
Take Note 2
Take note
Paper, barbed wire and memories
Memory bear 1
Memories of Childhood – Yarra Valley Open Studios 2011