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Healesville Black Saturday Memorial Seat

‘Surrounded’ – Healesville Memorial Seat

Healesville Black Saturday memorial seat 2

Produced 2014

Commissioned by Yarra Ranges Council to create a Memorial seat in Queen’s Park, Healesville as a place of reflection in response to the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires. It aimed to provide a place of reflection for the community to acknowledge the trauma of a town surrounded by fire.

A 3.5 metre semi-circular seating area, made from gold plated metal. Words direct from the community reflected sentiments of an emotional and traumatic time, are laser cut through the seat. The cut out words produce shadows on the ground, which dance with the dappled sunlight through the trees in this beautiful park.


The seat was made from steel, and included community’s responses to the statements ‘I will always remember’, and ‘I never want to forget’. Completed November, 2013.

Short shadow film of Healesville bushfire Memorial Seat

 1st concept for seat – Mail Newspaper article Dec 2013


IMG_4252 IMG_0068 Seat small IMG_4824

   The making of Healesville bushfire memorial seat