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Still Exhibition and Opening

Over 100 people attended the Still exhibition opening, translating into fantastic feedback, great sales, and a memorable night for all.

Still images from exhibition4 zoo

Still images from exhibition1

Still images from exhibition snowdomes6


Social media comments of the exhibition:

Ali, what a wonderful exhibition.  Congratulations!
It definitely makes you stop and think…take time to think about life, our world and the people around us.

Ali, your show is exquisite.  Congratulations.  What I took away from last night was your commitment and integrity and your highly developed artistic ability.  You are inspiring.

We went to see Ali Griffin’s first solo exhibition ‘STILL’ at The Memo Gallery, Memorial Hall Healesville, on Friday night, lovely turn out of people to support her, and BEAUTIFUL works. Congratulations Ali!

It was very inspirational Ali, something to be very proud of.

It was very……. thought provoking.

Managed to view today and loved the exhibition Ali. Congratulations! So many great elements. ‘Still Alive’. performed a treat …. a caterpillar presenting itself and dropping, neatly encased, upon the leaves to nibble.

First of all…. congratulations on a truly stupendous exhibition!!!!!!!!!!! It looks/is fabulous. Each work came into its own in the gallery space and said what it was meant to say. Well done!! I was going to buy a dome, but got beaten :(.

Awesome Ali you must be so proud and relieved!
The exhibition will resonate with a friend of mine from melbourne I will be sure to invite her up to see – and she has the income to buy something!!
Congratulations.  It takes a very bold and brave woman to move away from a style and medium to something new.
I particularly loved the skull drawings on paper….

Still images from exhibition2

Still images from exhibition3  Still images from exhibition5 snowdomes