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The Memo, 

Still Time

Ali Griffin’s artwork requires stillness to experience the full sentiment behind the work.

Iconic symbols paired with materials steeped in meaning, show us there is still hope, still time…
Copper – the only element found in every living organism.
Tapestries – deteriorating as a single thread represents a species going extinct and the planet unravelling around us. Mirrors – reflecting that we are wired to find symmetry attractive
Souvenirs – reminding us of the absurd nature of collecting mass produced plastic ornaments as a memento of a personal experience, giving little thought to its production or the future of the place it was purchased.

We live in a world where nature competes for habitat with man-made. Beauty fights with necessity, and there is a constant battle between want vs need.

Ali’s works are tender and thought provoking, and, if we let them, will remind of the possibilities, both positive and negative, and asks ‘what needs to change for us to value what we already have?’


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