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The Art of Response

‘The Art of Response’: Recording and Collecting Black Saturday’.
March 8 – June 15 2014 – Yarra Ranges Regional Museum.

A thoughtfully arranged collection of artistic responses to the catastrophic fires of Black Saturday.

Art of response-media –  read more.

rage & acceptance with Mayor
From left: Jenny Reddin, Cr Fiona McAllister (Mayor) and Ali Griffin.


‘Acceptance 1’.
Medium: Shellac, ink and questions.
‘I painted ‘Acceptance’ at a landscape painting workshop in Healesville. I participated in the workshop because I wanted to learn more about painting.
What I found was the other participants looking at the landscape for what they could see. I was looking into the landscape for what made it what it was. I asked questions of it… wondering what weather events had made up the landscape. Why was there a hill? What was behind the hill? What was under the hill? What did the topsoil and vegetation hide? And how could it just accept these events, and get on with life?
I went back to the studio and started writing these questions and my answers to them on the canvas. I wrote about accepting what happens, and learning from what I was writing.
Then, as usual, I poured ‘shellac’ over the top of the writing. It disappeared. I nearly cried. A few minutes later I realised I’d just learnt an incredibly valuable lesson…
I just needed to accept what had happened.’
– Ali Griffin