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Yering Sculpture Show 2013 – Finalist

‘Triple Bottom Line’ – Yering Sculpture Show finalist, November 2013.

In ‘Triple Bottom Line’ Ali looked at the effect climate change will have on the people, environment and economy of 10 countries at risk from rising sea levels, if climate change continues as predicted.

The sentimental value of a souvenir purchased as a reminder of a place, may be the only memento of this place if it is lost to the sea.

The process of collecting mass produced souvenirs is a comment on the things people give value to. Whether it be sentimental, monetary or intrinsic.

Yering Show 2013 domes pond 1

Yering Show 2013 domes pond

‘Out of their depth’ Exhibited at RACV, as part of the Yering Sculpture Show, 2013.

In this work, Ali looked at the effect of climate change and rising sea levels by cutting loose the usual characters and objects from the diarama, and letting them float inside collectable souvenir snow domes.

Varying levels of water inside the snowdomes indicate the water level attributed to rising seas in the year 2020; if climate change continues as predicted and floods the 3 countries most at risk.

They are out of their depth as they have no control over climate change, and rely on richer countries for their survival.